Dianet + Jimmy – Lahaina Rainbow Wedding


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Lahaina wedding at Baby Beach

Dianet and Jimmy live in Miami and every year they have a tradition of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and going to a white sandy beach named Siesta Key, Sarasota. They love to walk down the beach in the evening just to hear the water gently splash against the shore. It was there that Jimmy proposed in a very romantic way.

Dianet recalls, “Before our nightly walk, he took a little longer than usual before heading out. I was wondering what was taking him so long but didn’t pay much mind to it. As we are reaching the sand, his family is there. All of a sudden, the song ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars starts playing. On the sand, over 120 candles are lit up, spelling the words WILL YOU MARRY ME? Of course I said yes!”

With the beach being such a special place for them, it only made sense for their wedding to take place on a beach as well. Dianet’s friend had recently gotten hitched on Maui and they loved the photos and video of her beach wedding. They also liked the idea of a destination wedding to help keep the guest list small.

Jimmy and Dianet originally chose Ironwoods Beach as the location. On wedding day, the weather was beautiful and sunny in Kaanapali where Dianet was getting ready. However, a couple hours before the ceremony, it was down pouring over at the beach in Kapalua. Most of the time, the rain is caused by a raincloud that will blow past. You can see blue in the distance and the rain is a passing shower. It rains for a short time, stops, and then we are often blessed with a rainbow. This time, the sky was gray as far as I could see. The rain and wind were steady. I stayed for half an hour to see if there would be any change, but the rain continued on. Knowing that there would be two toddlers in attendance, including Dianet and Jimmy’s son, we decided to change the location to Baby Beach in Lahaina where it was sunny.

Dianet said she would have been fine to get married in the rain if it were just the two of them there, but wanted to make sure the kids were comfortable. She kept calm and in the end told me that her dream was to get married on the beach so her dream was still achieved.

The nice thing about changing locations is that we did get a rainbow and were able to get this amazing sunset! The color of the sky changed multiple times from pastel to golden to pink and purple, and finally dark clouds with orange and yellow streaks. I think it was nature’s way of apologizing for the rain and change of plans.

Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings // Photographer: Mariah Milan // Officiant: Charles Nahale // Florist: In Bloom Hawaii // Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Heather // Location: Baby Beach // Time of Day: Sunset

Maui wedding couple
Maui wedding under the palm trees
Maui beach wedding in Lahaina
Wedding at Baby Beach in West Maui
Maui bride and groom
Maui beach wedding details
Groom kisses bride's hand during Maui beach wedding ceremony
Maui bride and groom kiss / Family photo
Maui wedding couple with their son
Maui groom and bride each have a moment with their son
Family walk on the beach after wedding ceremony
Family celebrate marriage on Baby Beach
Romantics after Maui beach wedding ceremony
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Starfish and wedding rings
Maui wedding at Baby Beach
Maui bride and groom share a tender moment
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Maui beach bride with her bouquet
Maui beach wedding with palm trees
Bride and groom with Just Maui'd sign
Maui wedding couple under pastel skies at Baby Beach
Wedding at Baby Beach in Lahaina
Maui wedding couple kiss under a rainbow
Groom carries bride on a Maui beach
Maui wedding couple kiss under a fiery sunset
Sky turned from pastel to bright and ended with deep purples and blues

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