Isabella + Andrea – White Wedding with a Hawaiian Twist


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Isabella and Andrea are from Italy and love to travel. In fact, Isabella celebrated her 25th birthday with 25 birthday parties in different places all around the world, so it was only fitting that their wedding involve traveling.

In honor of their first anniversary, they chose to have a romantic elopement somewhere special and unforgettable, just for the two of them. Isabella visited Maui three years prior and completely fell in love with the island, its beauty and the culture. To Isabella and Andrea, Maui represents paradise and the ideal setting for making the promise of sharing their life together. Their elopement was kept a secret to be revealed to loved ones upon returning home. Then they planned to have a second traditional church wedding with family and friends – the best of both worlds!

Isabella and Andrea envisioned their elopement to be simple, elegant, and make sense for Hawaii. We kept the color scheme white and ivory, so it would look and feel very classic. They exchanged white orchid leis. Isabella wore a fuller haku and carried a bouquet of orchids accented with shells.

Andrea plays ukulele, so they loved the idea of bringing one home with them. Adding calligraphy turned the ukulele into a reminder of their special day that is now on permanent display in their home.

Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings // Photographer: Mariah Milan // Officiant and Musician: Ernest Pua’a // Bouquet: In Bloom Hawaii // Haku: Haku Maui // Calligraphy: Sara Verduzco Calligraphy // Location: Maluaka Beach // Time of Day: Sunset

Maui elopement at Maluaka Beach

Secret Maui elopement

White orchids were used throughout this Maui elopement

Hawaiian wedding lei exchange

White orchid lei exchange

Maui elopement ring exchange

Somewhere Over the Rainbow played during Maui beach elopement

White wedding in Hawaii

Maui elopement on South Maluaka Beach

Maui palm trees

Maui newlyweds walk down the beach

Maui elopement in Wailea

Maui bride dressed all in white

Maui bride and groom at Maluaka Beach

White wedding in Hawaii

Stress-free Maui beach elopement

Classic white wedding in Maui

Couple on lava rocks at Maluaka Beach sunset

Maui bridal bouquet of white cymbidium orchids and shells

Sunset elopement at Maluaka Beach on Maui

Maluaka Beach wedding

Maluaka Beach elopement in Maui

Hawaii wedding ukulele

Ukulele with Just Maui'd calligraphy

Maui sunset elopement at Maluaka Beach

Maui bride at sunset on lava rocks

Maui sunset elopement in Wailea

Sunset wedding on Maui

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